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Citizens for a Safer Cleveland families condemn Cleveland PD’s lack of accountability for Desmond Franklin’s murder

“On Thursday, the City of Cleveland announced that Jose Garcia would not be disciplined for the cold-blooded murder of my son Desmond Franklin. This has truly been an overwhelming and difficult year for me and my family. For our officials to look at the videos of Desmond’s killing, listen to the witnesses, and still decide to clear Jose Garcia of any wrongdoing is not just a slap in the face – it clearly shows that we are living in a time where police murders are the new, modern-day form of human lynching. Not with a rope hanging from a tree, but with a bullet and a badge. There is no value of humanity in the Cleveland Police Department. Real accountability involves firing, arresting, indicting, convicting, and sending Jose Garcia to prison. That’s what accountability looks like fathers like me. It should be given to all Cleveland families who share the nightmare of losing their child to police violence.”Emanuel Franklin, Father of Desmond Franklin

“No matter which neighborhood we’re from or what we look like, Clevelanders want our loved ones to come home safe. But time and time again, Cleveland Police and certain local officials have shown they would rather protect their own than commit to real accountability. The refusal to properly discipline Officer Jose Garcia for murdering 22-year-old Desmond Franklin is a stark reminder of how much further we have to go. Police can’t police themselves. That’s why Citizens for a Safer Cleveland is fighting to put police accountability on the ballot in November, so we can ensure fair investigations into police use of deadly force, and police misconduct through an independent review board of community leaders. It’s time for real accountability in Cleveland, to make sure all our communities feel safe.”LaTonya Goldsby, President, Black Lives Matter Cleveland