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No matter our race or income, Clevelanders believe that all our loved ones deserve to come home safe at the end of the day. But for too long now, we’ve seen police officers assault or kill Black and brown people with no consequences. Even the officers who killed children like Tamir Rice, Brandon McCloud, and Angelo Miller didn’t lose their jobs, and they were never charged with a crime. 

When police departments are not accountable to anyone but themselves, it leads to even more dangerous decisions by police, hurts our families, and deepens mistrust within our communities. If we want real accountability, we can no longer let police continue to police themselves — it’s just common sense.

Clevelanders deserve fair and independent investigations of police misconduct, and those investigations must result in real consequences for police that violate the law or their own department’s policies.

That’s why a diverse coalition of concerned organizations, activists, and individuals — with the leadership of families who have lost a loved one to police violence — are coming together to demand real justice and accountability for our families. Together, we are working to strengthen community oversight of the Cleveland Division of Police.

It’s time for real accountability in Cleveland, to make sure all our communities feel safe and secure. No exceptions.

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