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Arkansas Traffic Ticket

A traffic ticket is the last thing any driver in Arkansas wants. The ticket comes with consequences which will reflect on your driving record. The state offers the driving privilege to all qualified drivers but implements strict laws to ensure safety on the roads. It’s the driver’s responsibility to learn all the traffic laws, what to do if they receive a traffic ticket.

The choices they have before paying the traffic ticket.  However, the traffic ticket varies according to the city or court. Late payment attracts additional charges, ensure to check the dates, time and court from the ticket.


Arkansas Violations

There are various significant violations which call for fines and penalties in the state.

  • Driving under the influence of drugs DUI or alcohol.
  • Reckless driving
  • Over speeding
  • If the car has no adequate insurance.
  • Driving without the driving license
  • Not buckling the seat belt.

The above are few offences listed by the state traffic department. The traffic offices provide license according to the offence, city or county.  There is two violation classification. 

  • Moving violations.
  • Non-moving violations

Moving Violations

The violation happens when the vehicle is in motion. The offence gets different traffic ticket according to the offence. Example of the moving violations is over speeding, running a stop sign or red light and DUI.

Non-Moving Violations

For non-moving violations, they are related to parking or faulty equipment. However, the offence also happens when the vehicle is moving. Examples are inattentive driving, using your mobile phone while driving, not buckling the seat belt.  What makes some offences to qualify under the non-moving violation is not the action which occurred but what the law says.

The Arkansas state treats the moving and non-moving violations differently. There some offence which is solved by the court while others are left for the Department of licensing DOL. Example of DOL cases is speeding ticket (moving violations). For non-moving violation, the court provides the judgment, there some cases which the law doesn’t allow to be reported to the DOL or the insurance company.

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Arkansas Speeding Laws and Penalties

The Arkansas state has classified the speeding laws in two sections.

  • The basic  speeding law
  • Absolute limits

Basic speeding law

The basic speeding law is set to prohibit the driver from exceeding the reasonable and set speeds by the law.  They are to drive at the rate which will avoid collisions, this is considered as the safe speed. However, safe speed depends on the circumstances example for a sunny day 55 mile per hour is secure but not safe on a dark, icy road.  If using the speed on an icy road, the law will consider it as a basic speeding violation.

Absolute Speed Limits

The absolute speed limit has no tricks or circumstances to justify how you’re driving if caught by the law. If the absolute speed limits are 50 miles per hour and happen to drive past the set mark. You have offended the law and should receive a traffic ticket.

The Arkansas absolute speed limits are:

  • 25 miles per hour in school zones.
  • 35 mile per hour in an urban district
  • 55 mile per hour for the large trucks on other roads
  • 65 mile per hour for cars and light trucks on other roads

What Are The Penalties for Speeding Ticket?

If you get a speeding ticket, it will either be absolute or basic speed ticket. The state has different penalties according to the ticket, which includes the following:

  • First violation

Drivers receiving the first speeding ticket within the year get a fine of $100 or a maximum of ten days in jail. The offender might get both fine and jail term according to the offence. It is considered as aMisdemeanor and driver should pay the fine as charged.

  • Second violation

For the second violation within the same year, this is an offence which attracts a fine of $200 or a jail term of 20 days. 

  • Third violation

The third violation is quite strict and attracts a fine of $500 and or a jail term of a maximum of six months.

  • Exceeding limit by more than 15 miles per hour

Any driver caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 15 miles per hour gets a hefty fine and jail term. The crime is classified as a class C offence and charged a penalty of $500 and30 days in jail.

How to Pay for Arkansas Traffic Fines

The state has several methods which are convenient to pay or resolve the traffic ticket matter.

  • Through the online system
  • By mail
  • Visit the traffic department offices in person.

Managing the traffic ticket

  1. Paying the ticket

Drivers with the ticket can opt to pay for the ticket and continue with their lives. This also adds points to their driving record.  You can use the above payment methods to complete the transactions.

  1. Pleading not guilty

Drivers who feel they are not guilty of the charges can request for a trial. The traffic ticket has sections indicated at the back, tick the check box not guilty and mail it to the court.  Wait for the hearing date and prepare for evidence and what to say at the court. You can hire an attorney to represent your case. If found guilty, you need to pay the fine and surcharges. The system point is also going to be added on your record if the judge gives the order.

  1. Have an appeal hearing
  2. Take the online defensive driving course.

To avoid the system points, the driver might get an order from the court or traffic offers to take a defensive driving course. They have to present the certificate at the court day, which will help dismiss the charges and the fines.

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