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Colorado Traffic Tickets & Violations

Traffic tickets are quite a nuisance as they cost you time and money. However, every driver gets into trouble once in a while intentionally or by accident. However, traffic tickets help maintain road discipline and keep the roads safe. The Colorado state in the US has implemented various traffic violation measures to ensure the roads are safe for all. There are various Colorado traffic offences such as wrong parking, DUI offences hit and run etc.

colorado traffic tickets violations

Types of Violations in Colorado State

The State has classified the offences into two:

  • Moving violations
  • Non-moving violations

The two violations are handled differently depending on whether the vehicle was in motion.

Moving Violations

The moving violation happens when the vehicle is in motion. The violations are severe and mostly handled by the department of license DOL. These offences include:

  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence of drugs.
  • Not stopping at a stop sign
  • Running a red light
  • Hit and run crimes.

Moving violations can attract a penalty and jail term or license suspension, revocation or cancellation. Ensure to check what kind of ticket the traffic officer provides you.

Non-Moving Violations

  • Wrong parking or parking illegally.
  • Using an expired license or not having any
  • Driving with invalid vehicle registration.
  • not having your seat belt while driving
  • inattentive driving
  • Using your mobile phone will driving.

What to do if you get a traffic ticket

Drivers who get the traffic ticket shouldn’t panic the State has provided two options on how to handle the ticket. You have the right to plead guilty or not guilty according to what you feel about the ticket.

Pay Colorado Traffic Ticket

Violators who feel they should pay the traffic ticket have 20 days only to complete the transactions. They need to send the payment to the Division of Motor vehicles DMV according to the city they offence happened. You can use the following methods to pay for the ticket.

  • Pay in person at the DMV offices.
  • Use the online website portal Colorado traffic department.
  • Send the payment via mail to the respective office.
  • Use the phone to complete the transactions.

Ensure to send the payments before the due date as extending the payment will incur extra charges. Visit the court if instructed on the ticket. Once the payment is received, the court will close the case. However, the system point is going to be added on your driving records.

Fight The Traffic Ticket at The Court

When you decide to fight the ticket whether it’s a moving violation or non-moving violation, ensure first to inform the court. The court needs to know about it before the due payment date or hearing date. The offender should submit the plea in person or via mail; the process should happen before the due date to avoid extra charges.

  • Preparing For The Hearing

Once you submit the plea, you can now prepare for the hearing. Have all the evidence ready or hire an attorney to fight the case. Gather all information and have a witness if any practice what to say before the hearing day.

  • Pleading Your Case

On the hearing date present the evidence and plead your case in front of the judge. The judge will listen and rule guilty or not guilty. If not guilty the fines and penalties are withdrawn and no points are added on your records. For guilty verdict, you will need to pay the fines and court surcharge amount. The department will also add points to your driving records.

However, the judge may also request the offender to go for a defensive driving course (Colorado traffic school). After completion, the judge may decide to dismiss or withdraw the charges. Note the State doesn’t allow offenders to get their points off by going to Colorado traffic school. Nonetheless, the court can help give a discount on the insurance if the provider offers the option.

Should I Pay or Fight My Traffic Ticket in Colorado