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Committing a traffic violation in Idaho state calls for a traffic ticket and maybe some negative details on your driving records. The State treats all violation differently, providing disciplinary actions to the offender. Some receive fines and penalties, license suspension, jail term or driving class assessment programs. However, traffic violation happens to every driver in their lifetime. The important thing is to learn how to handle the situation with legal options.

Types of Violations

The Idaho traffic violation is divided into two: moving violation and non-moving violation.

The moving violation means the vehicle was in motion when the offence occurred. The non-moving violation doesn’t rule out the vehicle movement. The offence happens when the car is moving like parking in the wrong space.

Moving Violations

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Failure to use the turn signals
  • Not stopping a stop sign or red light.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs DUI

Non-Moving Violations

  • Parking at illegal spot or a handicapped space.
  • Inattentive driving
  • A driver leaving the vehicle unattended and running.
  • Using an invalid vehicle registration. 

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idaho traffic ticket pay online icourt idaho smart search
Idaho Traffic Ticket Pay Online | Icourt Idaho Smart Search at Icourt portal idaho

Idaho Speeding Tickets and Fines

In Idaho state drivers who receive a speeding ticket are either classified at the basic speeding rule or the maximum speed limit.

  • Idaho basic speeding rule

The basic speed rule is designed to prohibit drivers from going beyond the reasonable speed.  The driver is expected to check the surrounding conditions and limit the speed. The motorist should maintain a safe speed no matter the given limit. Taking of situations such as harsh weather, visibility, icy roads etc. the driver should drive at low speeds to avoid accidents.

  • Maximum speed limit

For maximum speed limit, the violation doesn’t call for driver’s decision. The law is set, and once you break the rule, you will get a traffic ticket.

Maximum Speed Limits in Idaho

  • Residential, business and urban district the limit is 35 mph.
  • 65 mph on most highways in the State.
  • 75mph for interstate  highways
  • 55mph for other locations.

The speed limit will not apply if there any changes by the traffic laws. In some case, the motorist is allowed to exceed the limit by up to 15mph if they are overtaking a vehicle which is slower than the required speed limit.

Penalties for Speeding Ticket

The speeding violation has different fines according to the speed limit you exceeded. The violations call for additional demerit points on the driving record by the DMV. However, the driver has the right to fight the violation ticket in court. If found not guilty no points or fines are included on the driving record.  Note reckless driving and vehicular homicide are also speed violations.  If the speeding cause death of another person, the charges are hefty. 

Idaho Traffic Ticket Pay Online

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket in Idaho State AT icourt portal idaho

After receiving the traffic ticket, the driver should take action about the ticket. The traffic offers all details on the ticket, including the fine, date to appear in court if needed and which court to appear.   The ticket can cause various consequences such as license suspension, paying the fine, assessment driving school and many other penalties. Failure to react to the ticket comes with more severe penalties such warranty of arrest, extra charges and jail terms.

Paying using the online platform “icourts idaho”

Online payment is easy and fast for drivers who want to pay the fine without fighting it in court.  The driver will use I-court online service. The platform helps provide information about the traffic ticket and how to pay.

  • From the online website, menu selects the county where the ticket was issued.
  • Next, select the type of services you require.
  • Select the payment option where the site will guide you on the payment process.
  • The online process will charge a certain percentage on the credit card as a processing fee.

Hire a Traffic Attorney

The driver is always encouraged to hire a lawyer to help in the traffic ticket matters. They are specialized in different traffic laws making it easy to fight the case.  The attorney will assist in stopping a license suspension, harsh penalties or help reduce demerit points on your driving record.

Pleading not guilty

The driver has the right to plead not guilty at the court; you need to appear in court before or on the due date.  Here the court can hear or give a trial date. Fighting the ticket helps either reduce the fines or suspension and other penalties attached to the traffic ticket.  Drivers eligible to apply for traffic school can complete the course and present the certificate. This help reduces points and fines on the driving record. 

Dismissal of charges

The option is also open for drivers who want to fight the ticket in court. The driver should check the information and understand each detail before taking any action. The ticket can be discharged by attending the traffic school.

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