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Connecticut Traffic Ticket

The majority of US states use the system points to control drivers and keep the roads safe. The system points is a way to penalize drivers with serious traffic crimes and also remove the dangerous drivers from the roads. The points accumulate whenever an infraction happens and is added on your driving record. These points are significant as they affect your driving records, insurance payment rates and also can lead to license suspension. The points also reflect on the credit score, which will involve a lot when borrowing from banks and financial institutions.

In advance case, the points are accompanied by additional charges fines and court surcharges. The traffic tickets fines vary depending on the offence, court and city or county. The type of license also determines the charges or penalties to receive. There are different licenses, namely regular, CDL, learners, permits etc.

Connecticut Speeding Tickets and Moving Violations

Transgressions done while the vehicle is in motion are considered as moving violation. They include speeding, running a red light or stop sign, reckless driving and DUI offences. Offences in this category are misdemeanours. The Connecticut State also operates with the point system; the points are added every time the driver violates the traffic laws. If the driver accumulates 12 points and more on the driving record, their license is at risk of suspension.

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How to Respond to a Traffic Ticket in Connecticut

After receiving a Connecticut traffic ticket, the driver can respond to it in three ways.

  • Pleading not guilty
  • Paying the ticket
  • Have an online ticket review program.

Pay for the fine

The driver can opt to pay the fine and forget about court hearing or pleading not guilty. The state provides various payment methods. Once you pay for the ticket its considered ass plea of Nolo Contendere (no contest), these show you admit the charges and ready to pay the fine. The ticket is reported to the Connecticut Commissioner of motor vehicles. If the offence requires you to appear before the court, you need to appear though the judge will close the case after the payment receipt is presented.

Pleading Not guilty

You can plead not guilty to the violation; the offence is presented to the court. The system will send you notice of transfer from centralized infraction Bureau in your mail. The court will schedule the case, and you can prepare evidence, witness and what to say before the judge. You can also hire an attorney to handle the case on your behalf.

Online Ticket Review Program

The option is open to eligible offenders who should participate in the online review program. The program helps the violator plead not guilty. The prosecutor or judge reviews and check your tickets online and if you agree to participate in the program. The prosecutor checks the case online and makes the final decision. 

Pay Tickets Online CT

How to pay for the traffic ticket

  • Through Connecticut Traffic Ticket online website portal link
  • The State traffic department has an official web portal
  • Where law offenders can pay fines and penalties.
  • They can use the credit card to complete the transaction and receive the receipt.
  • Mail

Individuals paying the violation ticket can mail the cheque or money order to the centralized infractions Bureau. The post mail should be according to the city or county the offence happened or indicated on the ticket.

  • Ensure to mail the ticket or notice together with the payment.
  • Mail using the self-addressed envelope provided with the traffic ticket. You can also use the official postcode for the centralized infractions Bureau.
  • The cheque or money order should be payable to the clerk of the superior court. Write the ticket number on the cheque to avoid cancellation.
  • Don’t mail cash, ensure to pay before the hearing date or due payment date.

You can also pay in person by visiting the traffic department offices and pay using cheque or money order or other modes of payments.