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Traffic Tickets in Texas

Any type of traffic ticket is frustrating and brings about some inconvenience. New motorists tend to pay for the tickets without knowing what is attached to a guilty plea. Texas, like many states, operates under a point system to address traffic violations.

The DPS or department of public safety undertakes the point systems. Too many points will damage your records, which can cause license suspension. The traffic ticket varies by court, county, and violations. There are two types of breaches moving and non-moving violations. The majority of the violations are in the class C misdemeanor, which is ranked as crimes.

Texas Traffic Violations

  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Hit and run
  • Leaving the scene of the accident
  • Driving without a seat belt.
  • Using the phone while driving
  • Littering
  • Faulty equipment
  • Parking at the wrong space

Ant violation is allocated 2 points while offenses which cause an accident, will receive 3 points.

Texas Surcharges

For drivers with 6+ points within three years, you will receive the actual fine and an additional penalty of $100 per year. For the other points, the driver should pay $25 every year for three years—a surcharge for the convictions.

  • No insurance: $250
  • Driving with an invalid license: $250
  • Using an expired license or no license:$100

The surcharges amount are paid for three years once you’re convicted. However, you can reduce the surcharges by:

  • The period Amnesty program

 The program helps one reduce several points from their records. The DPS body doesn’t work with the program but beneficial to drovers. You can reduce 10 percent or a $250 amount. All eligible motorists can only attend the program after three years. Each time one can reduce the point from their records.

  • Incentive program

The program applies to the individual living at 125% above but below the 300% the federal poverty level. The program offers a reduction in the surcharges at 50%, which is best for your records.

  • Indigence program

 The program only applies to people living at 125 %( federal poverty level). For the motorist who attends the program, the surcharges are entirely waived. 

Driving defense courses.

These courses are helpful to all drivers to get the lead of the demerit points. The Texas State has several violations of which quality for defensive driving.

Texas Traffic Tickets Pay Online

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Traffic Tickets in Texas | Texas Traffic Violations


  • One can qualify if they haven’t take any driving course in 12 months.
  • If you don’t have a commercial driving license.

Traffic Violations Which Are Not Eligible for Defensive

Some violations don’t operate under defensive driving.

  • Speeding 25mph over the set limit.
  • Driving without car insurance.
  • Passing a school bus.
  • Driving at the construction zone.
  • Hit and run.

How to Respond to a Traffic Ticket

Paying your ticket

Paying for a ticket means you’re guilty of the offense; the ticket has all information. Check to get the amount and which court to appear. Pay by mail, online platform, or in person. 

Nolo contendere mitigation hearing

 The mitigation hearing means you are guilty but need the court to hear you out. The court can offer fine reduction, community service, or a monthly payment plan. 

Pleading not guilty

You can plead not guilty and fight the case by clicking the appropriate check box on the ticket—request for a contested hearing. The court will send a notification on the hearing date.

Texas Traffic Violations Search by Citation Number

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  1. How much is a speeding ticket in texas

    $185 to $334 (Approx) Depending upon your circumstances

  2. Texas Highway Patrol Citation Search

  3. How much is a ticket for no insurance in texas?

    First Offense: $175-$350Second Offense: $350-$1,000