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At some point in our driving lives, we get a ticket or two for violating the traffic law. It isn’t delightful, especially if you don’t know your traffic rights. The Pennsylvania State traffic violations are addressed by fines, point accumulations, license suspension or revocation. The state uses a point system to monitor and improve drivers driving habits. The PennDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation DOT) is the head authority which operates under the point system. The body has strict point system rules which govern all roads in the state.

Pennsylvania State Traffic Violations

The state has defined traffic laws in different ways where some are punishable by fine and others by the suspension. The point system determines the type of penalty to receive. There are common violations such as:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to use the signals when changing lanes.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Driving without the seat belt
  • Using the cellphone while driving
  • Hit and run
  • Leaving the scene of the accident.
  • Running a stop sign or red light.

Some of these violations are divided into two: moving violations and non-moving violations. A traffic law offender would receive a point if the offence were a moving violation such as speeding, reckless driving etc…

pa dmv, pennsylvania traffic ticket pay, respond
pa dmv, pennsylvania traffic ticket pay, respond

PennDOT and Pennsylvania Point System

The PennDOT body maintains the point system in Pennsylvania State. Any driver who commits a (moving) violation receives several points on their records. Each violation has a specific number of points which might increase, causing a license suspension. The PennDOT body will take action for drivers whose points have reached the 6+ mark. The following steps will take place once you get 6+ points on your records. 

Under 18 Drivers

If you get six or more points, the authority will suspend the driver’s license if the offence involved speeding (26mph) over the set speed limit. The license is suspended for 90days, any other violation after this will lead to 120 days suspension. 

First Accumulation of 6 Points

The driver will receive written notification if they accumulate 6+ points. The notice requires the driver to take a written point examination. The exam will cover:

  • Learning about safe driving practices.
  • About the departmental sanctions
  • All details about safety issues on the roads.

The driver has 30 days to enrol and complete the exam successfully. The driver needs to pass the exam or else the license will remain suspended. Once they are done, they can get the privilege to take 2 points from the driving records.

Second Accumulation of 6 Points

If the driving record is getting a reduction on point (below + points) then reaches the six mark again. Now the driver will have to attend a departmental hearing. The driver is issued with a notice with details on location and time for the hearing. At the hearing venue, the hearing examiner will check the driver’s records and recommend one of the following. 

  • A 15-day license suspension.
  • The driver to take particular on-road driver’s examination.
  • Take no action.

If the examiner decides to suspend the license, the driver will take the driver’s exam. These will help in removing two points on your records. If the driver passes the exam, the two points are deducted and removed after the 15-day suspension. The driver needs to attend the hearing to avoid more charges and 60-day license suspension. 

Third or More Accumulation of the 6 Points

If the third time, you accumulate 6 points on your record. You need to attend the departmental hearing; the examiner will review the records and make a decision. Failure to attend will risk license suspension until you attend the session.

If the driver’s points increase to the 11+ mark, the law will automatically suspend the driver’s license. The suspension period is determined by the number of suspensions you had before. The driver can, however, remove 3 points for 12 successive months from the date of last violation if you don’t commit an offence which leads to point increase. If the driver’s records get to zero points, any violation is treated as the first violation. 

How to Respond to Traffic Tickets in Pennsylvania

Pleading for contest hearing

Any driver who pleads not guilty has the right to request for contest hearing. One has to send the request to the respective court. Sign your name and the option of not guilty on the ticket then mail it to court.

Paying the ticket

The driver can also pay the ticket and not challenge the ticket. These would increase more point on the records mostly if the violation were a moving offence.