The Cleveland Show : Characters, Awards, and Cancellation

Cleveland show: Characters, Awards, and Cancellation. Why Fox Cancelled the Cleveland Show Series. The cleveland show cast, characters & more information given below.

The Cleveland Show

Watching Animation has various benefits, including children bonding with their parents. The misconception that animations are only meant for children is wrong. Animation develops children’s problem-solving and critical thinking skills and helps adults explore different worlds and cultures. Animations are depression and stress relievers due to their humorous state; they make adults laugh out loud.

Animation companies have developed interesting and highly viewed cartoons like The Cleveland show. The Cleveland Show is a black sitcom from the United States consisting of 88 episodes created by Mike Henry, Seth MacFarlane, and Richard Appel. This series is a spin-off of Family Guy, initially released in September 2009. The Cleveland show was produced by Fox television animation, which canceled it after the fourth season in 2013.

Executive producers of the Cleveland show

  • Seth MacFarlane
  • Richard Appel
  • Mike Henry

The Cleveland Show Cast

Characters involved

The Cleveland show characters include;

  • Cleveland Brown, voiced by Mike Henry
  • Donna voiced by Sanaa Lathan
  • Cleveland Brown Junior, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Arianna, voiced by Arianna Huffington
  • Robert, voiced by Reagan Gomez
  • Rallo, voiced by Mike Henry
  • Tim, voiced by Seth MacFarlane
  • Holt Richter, voiced by Jason Sudeikis
  • Lester, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson

Plot on The Cleveland Show

Cleveland is still in love with his high schoolmate, Donna, even though she gets married to another man. Cleveland promises his high school sweetheart that he will continue loving her and asks her to inform him whenever the husband mistreats her. Donna also promises Cleveland that she will get back to him if her marriage fails. Robert, Donna’s husband, jilts her and walks out of town with another woman leaving her with two young children, Roberta Tubbs, and Rallo Tubbs.

Cleveland and Loretta divorce, but Cleveland wins custody of their son, Cleveland junior. He loses his house and has nowhere to go. Cleveland then returns to his hometown, Stoolbend, in Virginia. He meets and marries Donna hence gaining two step-children. The Brown and Tubbs family learn to get along with each other.

Family learn to get along with each other

The Cleveland Show : Characters, Awards, and Cancellation
The Cleveland Show : Characters, Awards, and Cancellation

The Rewards and Nominations of the Cleveland Show

  • Artios award
  • People’s choice awards
  • Annie awards
  • Teen choice awards
  • Primetime Emmy awards
  • NAMIC vision awards
  • American Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers awards

Why Cleveland Show Was Cancelled

The Cleveland show used similar characters and formula to its spin-off show, the Family Guy, gaining less popularity than the mother show. In addition, the show uses humor that criticizes American culture. Its rating reduced throughout its four seasons, and rumors started to swirl that the show would be canceled. The voice of a white character voicing an African American cast was highly disregarded.

Many viewers started suggesting more negatively than positively about the show, and the Executive producer, MacFarlane, said it was better cancelled. Fox Television Animation waited until the Cleveland show released its final fourth season episode on 19th May 2013 and cancelled the show.

Are children allowed to watch the Cleveland show?

This show consists of violence, smoking, curse words, people getting hit by a car, sex, beer, and wine; therefore, it is recommended for people with 21 years and above.

The Cleveland Show

  1. How long was Cleveland show before it got cancelled?

    The Cleveland show had four seasons with 88 episodes.

  2. Who are the main characters of the Cleveland show?

    Cleveland Brown and Donna are the main characters in the Cleveland show.