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Arizona State is among the many states using the point system to punish traffic offences. The state authorities have taken measures to restrict drivers from violating the traffic rules. Arizona traffic officers issue the offenders with a traffic ticket which indicates the crime, fine or penalty and court date if you have to appear in court. The fines vary according to city, county and type of violations such as driving under the influence DUI, speeding, reckless driving not buckling the seat belt and many more.

Each offence is treated differently though severe cases can lead to license suspension revocation or cancellation. Arizona state drivers should read and understand the traffic rules and regulation. To help avoid unnecessary pints or fines to their driving record. You also learn what to do once you receive a traffic ticket.

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Arizona Traffic Ticket, Penalties, Fines and Points at Arizona DMV

Types of Traffic Tickets in Arizona

There are two types of traffic tickets in Arizona, each with different penalties and fines:

1. Criminal Traffic Ticket Penalties

Criminal traffic tickets are way serious than civil traffic. The offences are related to misbehaving, which can lead to a felony. Suppose the driver involved in the violation causes a severe accident, which results in bodily injuries. If the driver causes more violations, the traffic officers consider this as a traffic crime. Acquiring a criminal traffic ticket gives you fewer options. The offender needs to appear in court, pay the fine or get a license suspension. In most case, the violator might receive all the penalties in one ticket. At the court, the charges are read, and the offender either pleads guilty or not guilty for the crimes.

Ensure to appear at court to avoid additional charges, warranty of arrest and a license suspension. Here we have examples of criminal traffic violations:

  • Hit and run situation
  • Criminal speeding
  • Reckless driving.
  • If the driver attempts to evade law enforcement.
  • A vehicular manslaughter
  • If you have a criminal traffic record.
  • Driving with an expired, or no license
  • Using a suspended, revoked license.
  • DUI

Criminal Traffic Ticket Penalties

The Arizona traffic department has several penalties for individuals in the criminal traffic section.

  • The law can suspend or revoke the license.
  • Pay hefty fines and appear at court.
  • Go for driving course refreshment.

2. Civil Traffic Tickets

The ticket is offered to drivers or pedestrians who the traffic officer claims have offended the law. The offender receives a traffic form listed with all civil traffic laws. The officers check the laws broken by the offender and makes a traffic ticket from the list. The violation is then classified under the moving or non-moving violation.

Offences in the civil traffic section

  • Vehicle speed or driving below the required speed.
  • A wrong turn or running a red light.
  • If the driver leaves the vehicle unattended or running.
  • Running a stop sign
  • Using an expired driving license.
  • Wrong parking area.
  • Crossing the street illegally.

Civil Traffic Ticket Penalties

The ticket has more options to resolve the problem compare to the criminal traffic offence. Here they get penalties such as:

  • Attending a defensive driving school, offenders who receive such a penalty before the court day. Their charges are dismissed once they avail the defensive driving certificate. The offender shouldn’t be a commercial driver of having a criminal ticket.
  • Pay the fine as provided in the ticket, the violator should pay the fine before they appear in court and the case is closed. The fines don’t exceed $250 plus the surcharges added on the fine.
  • Showing up at the court at the said date, the violator can opt to appear and not take the above actions. There are offered chances on how they want to plead to the charge. The judge will give a hearing date, and the trial will take place. If found guilty, the driver has to pay the fine and surcharges.

It’s advisable to fight for your traffic ticket to ensure the driving record is clean. Majority of motorist considers it a waste of time, but it matters as the points accumulated and can lead to license suspension. You can hire an attorney to fight the case in court it helps get fewer charges or withdraw of the charges. A qualified traffic attorney might help keep your records clear, which is a plus for your driving records.

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