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Easy ways to Renew Driver’s License in California

To remain in the best records and avoid risking lives. It’s mandatory to own a driver’s license before setting your car on any road. Traffic rules require car owners or aspiring drivers to train and acquire a driver’s license. The document allows the user to maneuver around the roads and also acts as a personal identity. It’s not a permanent document and must be renewed after a specified period.

Benefits of driving license

Driving licenses are legal documents that offer multiple benefits besides road services.

  • Driving license help identify users in case of a car accident.
  • It proves that the user is authorized to drive a particular car class.
  • The document holds personal information.
  • Driving licenses provide information on organ donors. Suppose you die in an accident; doctors and traffic authorities can have information on organ donation.
  • The name and address will help in case you lose your purse.

California License Renewal

CA license holders need to renew their licenses once it expires or after suspension. The renewal process is seamless and can be conducted on various platforms:

  • DMV web portal.
  • Via mail
  • In-person
  • Through phone.

California licenses are set to expire after five years during the owner’s birthday. One can renew the license in advance (2- 6 months) before expiration. The birthday fact is pretty effective since everybody remembers their birthday. This makes it easy to remember your license. Though some drivers ignore and face the consequences. Many opt to renew months before the actual date. 

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California DVM Website/Online Application

The online platform is quite fast and available to various drivers. California drivers with the following features cannot renew their licenses on the DMV website.

  • Drivers’ whose license was suspended or on probation.
  • If the driver didn’t appear in a court case in the last two years.
  • Individuals aged 70 years.
  • If the last two years renewal was by mail.
  • When your license has expired.

Drivers Who Don’t Appear on the List can Apply Online using the Following Steps

  • Open the DMV website page.
  • Login to your account or sign up for an account.
  • Open your profile and review the details. If correct, confirm to proceed to the payment page.
  • Enter the required fee based on the type. For example, class A or B fee is $34 (renewal fee), and class C charges are $ 43.
  • Review the details to submit and complete the process.

Using Mail

California DMV department sends automated notices two months prior to the expiry date. This helps the user to renew the license immediately or before the deadline. The mail method is easy and can be conducted from home using the procedure below.

A driver can renew driving license by providing the correct data and sending it via mail. One should fill out the CA Driver’s license renewal form providing mandatory details. Recheck the information and address the mail to:

Department of Motor Vehicles.

ATTN: Renewal by Mail Unit

P.O. Box 942890

Sacramento, CA 94290.

Via Phone

The phone method is flexible and requires just a call to solve the renewal puzzle. However, the process is not open to all drivers. For eligible users, the regular reminder email will indicate whether you’re eligible to renew via phone. The mail will contain a ‘Renewal Identification Number.’ Once you call the DMV using the number 1-800-77-0133, the receiving officer will request the renewal identification number to proceed with the procedure. Next, provide your license plate number and the last five numbers of the VIN. To make payments provide your credit card or debit card number. Always call the DMV number and confirm to avoid data breaches and money laundering issues.

Renewal By in-Person

Drivers can also visit the DMV offices to renew their licenses. For easy applicants, it’s advisable to book an appointment with the office. There are several things one can conduct before visiting the DMV offices.

  • Book an appointment online in the driving license renewal section.
  • Next, get the renewal application form and fill required details.
  • Pack your identity proof documents, such as your State ID or social security number.
  • Documents showing legal presence, such as a passport.
  • Legal documents proving you’re a CA resident, like mortgage documents or rent agreements.
  • Have your renewal fee either in cash or by card.

Who Should Renew License via in Person?

Every driver is eligible to renew their license in person. However, there is a mandatory category of drivers who should visit the DMV for the license renewal process.

  • People aged 70 years and above should visit the DMV offices.
  • If the user has changed their home address.
  • First-time users applying for real ID.
  • Suppose your license was suspended or expired.

Advantages of in-person Process

  • Applicants get to provide their documents to the right officer meaning no mistakes can occur.
  • One receives their physical copy immediately compared to other methods that take 3-4 weeks to receive the license.

Renewing Expired License in California

Some people fail to renew their licenses in advance due to various reasons. There is no extra charge for an expired license, but it forbids users from driving. Individuals under two years or beyond must take a road skill test before applying for a new license.

Suspended Licenses

Suppose you’re serving a suspension; you cannot apply via online, phone, or mail services. DMV requires the user to visit the offices for a details check. The suspension should be over before applying for renewal. The department will verify whether you qualify for a license.

How to Renew Licenses for Out-of-state Residents

Suppose you’re planning to leave California, and your license might or will expire while in another state. The law allows you to request for “free one-year renewal.” This is done by sending a letter to the concerned authorities. Ensure to provide your name, driving license number, CA address, date of birth, and the out-of-state address. Send the details to:

Department of Motor Vehicles.

P.O. Box 942890

Sacramento, CA 94290

Non-U.S Citizens

Non-U.S. citizens can request a license extension. The California DMV will send a notification on renewal instructions before the expiry date. Review the application, provide your date of birth and personal details, and update documents for legal presence.

Lost/Damage of stolen license renewal

One may lose their license in different ways while others get damaged. First, the driver needs to report to the DMV office by calling (886) 6585758. You can also send a message to Next, proceed and apply for a new license or ID card at the DMV.

How to Renew a Military Member’s Driving License

Active military personnel with DL 236 cards don’t need to renew their licenses or worry about expiration. The process is called “extension of license for person in Armed forces.” The card is encoded with CVC 12817. The code allows the user and their spouse to use the driver’s license even after 30 days of expiry.

Drivers should always keep their driving license updated to avoid traffic frustration, the risk of suspension, and causing accidents.