How to Respond to Louisiana Traffic Ticket & Pay Online

Louisiana traffic tickets: How to Respond to Louisiana Traffic Ticket & Pay Online. How to Dismiss a Traffic Violation From the Driving Record. Louisiana Traffic Violations

Louisiana Traffic Ticket

Traffic violations in Louisiana are taken seriously by the traffic department. The offences are punishable by fines, prison, license suspension or defensive driving. Traffic fines vary according to the court and county where the offence happened. Once you receive a traffic violation ticket, check the type and fine details at the back of the ticket. Major violations are handled by the court of the department of licensing. The court can pass a verdict of license suspension, fines and penalties. For minor cases, the officer will write the applicable fine without the need of visiting the court.

Louisiana Traffic Violations

The major traffic violations are referred to as moving violations while the minor non-moving violations.

Moving violations

Moving violation only happens the vehicle is in motion. The violation is quite severe and handled by the DOL or the court. Some examples of moving violations are speeding, reckless driving, not obeying the road sign (stop sign, red light) and DUI.

Non-moving violations

These are violation which occurs when the vehicle is moving, they related to parking of faulty equipment. Non-moving violations also happen when the vehicle is in motion. They are regarded as minor offences which are payable by fines. Examples of non-moving violations inattentive driving, driving without a seat belt wrong parking etc.

Moving violations and non-moving violations are separated by the authorities governing the violations. The difference is what the law says about both violations and how they are handled. The moving violations are treated seriously and can attract fines, license suspension or prison term. Moving violations are reported to DOL or court while non-moving are not.

How to Take a Defensive Driving Course in Louisiana

The Louisiana state doesn’t use the point system to penalize traffic offenders. However, the traffic offences will appear on your driving records.  These have significant consequences such as insurance rates rise, license suspension and penalties. The court can approve offenders to take a defensive driving course as an alternative measure.

How to Dismiss a Traffic Violation From the Driving Record

The eligible driver should appear in court or contact the proper authority to get permission for driving defence course. The option doesn’t apply to all courts, and the driver has to contact the court before the due date. The court will view your records and give approval or deny. You need not have attended the course within 12month. The violation should be minor to qualify for the course.

The court will approve and give a deadline when you need to complete and present the course certificate. After completion, submit the certificate to the court. The court will dismiss the violations which won’t reflect on your driving records.

How to Respond to Louisiana Traffic Tickets & Violations

how to respond to louisiana traffic ticket & pay online

Responding to the Traffic Ticket

Traffic violators can respond to violation using the following methods:

  • Paying the Fines

Paying traffic fines in the state is an indication of being guilty of the offence. Some drivers prefer to clear the matter by paying and avoid court visits or defensive courses. However, paying also comes with some consequences. The insurance rate might increase the violation is major or the get a license suspension. To pay the driver can use four methods:

  • Using an online method
  • By mail
  • Using your phone
  • Visiting the respective court.

Requesting a Mitigation

Mitigation is also a way of pleading guilty to the offence. The driver may not be in a position to pay the full fine but can plead to get the following: monthly payment plan, fine reduction, defensive driving course or community service.

  • Pleading not guilty

The laws allow the driver to plead not guilty to an offence, one can request for contest hearing. The driver sends the appeal to the concerned court indicated on the ticket. The court will respond and give a hearing date. Ensure to have the hearing before the deadline. You can hire a lawyer to represent you in court. If found not guilty, no violations are added on the driving records or fines. If the judge finds you guilty, you have to pay fine and extra charges. The violation will also appear on your records. The attorney helps the offender get a reduction in fines, stop an increase in insurance rates or help in dismissing the case.