Common Traffic Violations in Missouri

Common Traffic Violations in Missouri: How to Respond to A Traffic Ticket. Processing a Traffic Ticket in Missouri State. Moving violation & Non Moving violation. Pay Missouri state traffic ticket online given below.

Common Traffic Violations in Missouri

Missouri traffic laws help guide motorist on how to drive safely and keep the roads free from accidents. However, traffic violations are avoidable and might happen without the driver’s knowledge.  Missouri State has set several traffic laws which are referred to when punishing the offender. There two types of traffic violations laws. Moving violations and non-moving violations.

common traffic violations in missouri

Moving Violations in Missouri

Moving violations occur when the vehicle is in motion. The offence is categorized in major or serious traffic offences. The moving violation charges are dealt with by the court or the DOL.  Examples of moving violations are:

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light.
  • Not stopping at a stop sign.
  • Reckless driving can cause accidents.
  • If the driver doesn’t maintain a single lane.
  • Following closely and not giving way for other vehicles behind you.
  • If you’re driving without adequate insurance.
  • Failure to yield the right way.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol DUI.
  • Driving without brake lights.
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Leaving the scene of accidents
  • Using an expired license.

Non Moving Violations in Missouri

Non –moving violation are classified as minor cases though they are punishable by fines. The violation occurs when still the vehicle is moving.  The violations are not taken to court or DOL and might not be reported to the insurance companies. Examples of non-moving violations are:

  • Parking on the wrong space or no parking zone.
  • Too noisy.
  • Parking at the fire hydrant.
  • If the vehicle license plate is not well displayed.
  • Possession of drug and other dangerous weapons.
  • If a minor has alcohol and other drugs.
  • If the vehicle is wrongly registered.
  • No medical certification card for CMV drivers.
  • Inattentive driving
  • Driving without a seat belt.
  • Littering from a moving car.

These are just a few non-moving violations; the two are handled differently due to what the law says about each violation.

Processing a Traffic Ticket in Missouri State

Missouri State traffic tickets vary by court, county, city municipality and by an offence committed. If the ticket requires you to appear in court, the court will send notification of the date and time. For non-moving violations, you don’t need court sessions unless you refuse to pay the ticket.  There are some severe cases which are treated as felony or misdemeanour—drivers who leave the scene of an accident face more severe charges.  The offender can get a lawyer to assist in the legal process as the court decides on the verdict. 

Responding to A Traffic Ticket

The defendant is required to respond to the ticket within 30 days from the date of infraction.  There are three ways to respond to the ticket.

  • Requesting contest hearing

A defendant can plead not guilty to a traffic offence and request for contest hearing. The process requires the violator to send a mail to the respective court. They have to tick the right check box request a contested hearing. Once the court receives the mail, they will send a notification on when to appear in court. Have all details ready and fight the ticket either by hiring a lawyer or doing it yourself.

  • Pay the ticket.

Paying the ticket is a guarantee that you’re guilty of the offence. However, most drivers pay to avoid court visits. You can pay via mail, phone, and online process or in person.

  • Requesting for mitigation.

Mitigation is also a way to help reduce the fine or get a better payment plan from the court. The driver admits they are guilty and pleads with the court to reduce or have monthly instalments. These are better if the offender cannot afford to clear the whole amount. It also helps get flexible plans which won’t strain the violator.

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